Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pet A&E

I spent last night at the emergency vets - or what I like to call pet A&E.

I came home from work yesterday afternoon and we went round the house making sure all the cats were in, Ceasar was upstairs in his corner curled up asleep, Luna and Ulysess were in but no Drusilla.

So operation hunt Lady Dru commenced eventually we heard her crys from next doors gate, she was affraid and couldn't work out how to get home. So I got to meet the neighbours and had to explain that my cat was stuck in their garden. They were lovely and let us in to get her. It took a few minutes but we got her back safe and sound. 

She had her dinner as we sorted out our dinner and the rest of the hoard.

We settled down to watch a movie I then decided to have an early night, as I was about to get into bed we realised that Ceasar had not come down for his dinner.

I went to him which is when I noticed a gash just under his eye and I was immediately alarmed. Well having just moved, getting the pets registered at a vets was my next job. So I had no idea about the out of hours service.

At first it looked like it was just the gash and therefore something that could wait for the morning. But he then got up and we could see he was stiff and limping. He wondered downstairs so I tried to tempt him with food. That was the second indication that something was really wrong - he didn't want to eat. The last straw was when he had a pee and I noticed blood.

So we are new to the area, have not registered with a vet, have no broadband, have no landline phone, have no yellow pages - how do we get the medical attension we need? Thank god for smart phones. googled local vets, rang number, got out of hours service - Vets Now.
I have to say a big thank you to the wonderful vets now service and the PDSA Animal Hospital that they use for the Pet A&E.

They were very calming on the phone and explained where they were (tomtom still tried to get me lost). I walked through their doors at about 10.30. First we went through triage and as he was stable we had to wait - there had been a number of emergencies, but they assured me should his condition change he would get seen immediately.

Now I also have to say a big thank you to the man (never found out his name) who had come in with a poorly rabbit named Bella. He chatted to me, we talked about our pets and it really helped to calm me.

It was distressing being there - some very poorly animals.

Anyway our time came. The vet was wonderful and clearly explained things. My fears were right he had been hit by a car but he was lucky and just appeared to be sore and bruised. They gave him a scan to make sure his insides were ok and made me a cup of tea while I waited.
Finally we were able to go and got home at about 2 in the morning. Once home he had something to eat. I checked on him after a while and he asked for food.

This morning we registered with a local vets and got him an appointment. We saw another lovely vet and he was carefully checked again. All ok and came home with painkillers.

We are having to keep an eye on him, and he has to go back Monday when he may need xrays. But all indications are good.

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  1. Awww Poor Ceasar, glad he is okay now and the vets were so helpful, bless him, hope he gets lots of rest and back to full health soon :) *hugs*


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