Sunday, 11 September 2011

Photo A Day - Day 23

Ok so the theme is to pick a colour for the week. So for the next 7 days expect to see lots of red from me.
No one would ever say that Mr Mouse and I are affraid of colour - this is one of our paint tins - I won't tell you where it's going, you will see when I can take you on a tour of my new house.
Now, there is a story behind this paint. We brought it last year as it was only a pound a tin - yes just one whole pound (it had been discontinued). The colour was so us. We knew that eventually we would have something to paint. So we snapped up 2 cans (then went back for another 2 cans - well we wanted to make extra sure that we would have enough). And ever since its been sitting in my farther-in-laws shed.... along with a bargain light fitting....ummmm I wonder where I am going to put that?


  1. thats good value for a Cath Kidston name. I love colour too and would have my house in much brighter shades if i had my way.
    Look forward to the tour as the week goes on

  2. Oooh yes now that is gorgeous and a bargain too!


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