Saturday, 3 September 2011

Vintage stitching

I am busy packing for an upcoming move when I re-discovered table cloths, dollies and chair backs all wonderfully hand crafted by my grandmother, great aunt and my own mother.

I would have loved to have spent the afternoon photographing them but well packing, packing and more packing.

So I settled on photographing just one - a preview. I will immerse myself in them when we have moved and settled and share the beautiful work - it deserves to be shared. 

They are all Mine Mine Mine :) 

But I am thinking that there are just too many for a little mouse and I will breathe new life into them - thinking cushions and quilts.... 

So here is my little preview delicate pansies, who can not be charmed my these lovely little flowers?



  1. I absolutely adore vintage embroidered linens. I've got quite a collection. Never use them - far too afraid of staining them... but I know they're there - and I love them. One day.... I may combine a few of them into a wall-hanging quilt.

  2. such talent, what lovely things to own

  3. Pretty to look at, to own and to make something with.

  4. That is beautiful. And so nice to have something handstitched by your family too.
    Congratulation on the house!

    Emily x


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