Monday, 12 September 2011

New House + New Keys = Trip to Radley

Well OK not a main Radley store as the nearest one to me currently is in London, but near me there is an outlet village with Radley.

Of course Nottingham does have a Radley store *mouse grins in happiness and husband hides wallet*

Anyway so I figured that new house keys deserved a new keyring.

And here it is:


  1. oooohhhh another Radley fan!!!! this is the best reason for a new keyring :)

    its gorgeous! I have one with a spotty heart, big R and a little Radley dog on it. Oh and two bags ;) but lets SOOO not go there :)


  2. I found Radley in 2003 when I got my first Handbag I now have erm.......maybe 5 could be 6 and other bits ohhh and my lovely lovely Radlay shoes :) Mr Mouse mostly only lets me go into Radley shop supervised


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