Saturday, 24 September 2011

Photo a Day

Well I almost managed to do it - to take each photo everyday as planned and blog using phone when possible.

So where have I been? Well.... moving. Apart from a few things that have been left back in Essex (another trip tomorrow) we are all done and in Mouse Manor :)

But emptying boxes hasn't left me much time for photos so I have fallen a little behind - but I will pick back up from where I left off next challenge is favourite shoes (I will have to locate and open box).

Photos will be taken and blogged where possible using phone as we have a little wait until our broadband is up and running - we thought that we would be able to cope as we would at least have tv! But due to a slight technical error (i gave the sky home move team the wrong date) we haven't got that at the mo either.

What did we do before broadband and the internet?

1 comment:

  1. Youve done brilliantly, you must be knackered. I hope you get the tv and internet sorted soon, keep trying them they may have a cancellation.


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