Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I had to admit defeat today

This morning it took me an hour and a half to get up.

An hour to drive to work (as I left latter than normal I hit traffic).

And then about another hour and a half to admit defeat.

I am not Super Mouse

I rang the doctor and got an emergency appointment (one of those appointments where you have to tell the receptionist what's wrong so she can tell the doctor who then decides if you are sick enough to be seen).

I barely made it out of the office building before bursting into tears and cried the whole way home.

Trip to the doctors:
Sat in waiting room fighting back tears and then came my turn.

Burst back into tears before I had even got into the the doctors room.

Doctor: so what's wrong
Me: I been stupid and have been over doing it.....again. In Pain. Not as bad as it has been, nerves dont feel on fire (yet) but hurt all over. Have headache. Wake up and don't feel like I've had any sleep at all. My normal painkillers just aren't doing anything. We're moving so that's not helping and I had an infection a few weeks ago that. 
Doctor: so do you think you need time off work?
Me: No. Think I can cope if I can just get the pain under control
Doctor: You've had Tramadol in the past does that help
Me: Never taken it for ME before, had it for bad back and ages ago when I had wisdom teeth out. Had to take it with the co-codamol for it to have any effect.
Doctor: Well you can take it with your co-codamol, as the co-codamol normally works the Tramadol will just give it that bit extra
Me: Ok - I find that I do respond better to opiate based pain relief
Doctor: Give it a try, start off using both and you may then find that just the Tramadol will be enough. Come back and see me if it doesn't help
Me: Ok. Thank you

So 2 tablets of co-codamol* and 2 tablets of tramadol* latter I still ache but not as much and  headache has gone, think I might finally be able to manage a nap (once I have drunk my tea - think I have stayed awake long enough to rule out an allergic reaction).

*these are the type of painkillers they would give you after surgery and normally only one type - the packets warn that they are for severe pain

Now anyone who has taken any form of opiate painkiller before will be well acquainted with the opiate fairy, she sprinkles magic fairy dust and soothes away the pain. Well here is a picture of mine:

My biggest fear is that I will have a total relapse :(

I have had ME my whole adult life, you would have thought that I would have learnt by now....

....but then everyone slips up once in a while and its how you deal with it that counts so maybe I am super mouse after all!


  1. You ARE super mouse! Im sorry to hear you are ill. I just hope you feel better and find a way to manage it. If you're in london anytime and think it may help, i am on my way to becoming a massage therapist :) x

  2. Thank you maybe when all the house move stuff is over I will have to have a trip London bound and be a practice mouse :)

  3. Hey, us mice are made of strong stuff you know, our only weakness is that we don't know when to stop! You take it easy, I'm on an opiate based painkiller too, so yep, know all about the side effects. I'll be thinking of you, sending hugs xx

  4. Really sorry to hear its getting you down, hope the tablets work and that when the move is over you can get back to some normality.
    Lots of hugs here too ((((hugs)))) x

  5. Thank you everyone for the support it really means a lot :)

  6. I heart the opiate fairy. But do be ever so careful. Relapses are dreadful, and if you don't pay attention to your body's limits, it will force you to in a very not nice way. :(


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