Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Photo A Day - the next few weeks

Two more sleeps and we get the keys to our new house 

So I will be very busy over the next few weeks and will have intermittent internet access. 

I will still take each days photo (I have written the list into my trusty filofax), but there will be some days that I wont be able to upload them. I will upload as and when I find internet access.

And I using my trusty phone I will try and keep up to date with everyone else's.

I am really enjoying this challenge and look forwards to seeing every bodies interpretation to the themes. And most importantly I have made some lovely new friends.



  1. Hope the house move goes well... how I hate moving house.. lovely when you're all in though and everything is tidied away (in fact moving in is good, moving out I hate, I hate packing!)

    I'm off on tiny holiday on Sunday, so I've printed the rules off to take with me, will upload my piccies when I get home... they may all be dog & tent related!

  2. Yes i agree the moving in bit is nice its the packing thats the worst bit.

    I am off on a tiny holiday next weekend with my Dog Training group so like you I am taking the list of themes and I am sure that Ferd will be in a few :)

    Hope you have a lovely time

  3. Hope the move goes well! Maybe we can catch up when you're settled xx

  4. Have removal man coming tonight to give us proper quote :) My new pain meds are helping. And a catch up would be lovely. I used to think that me and Mr Mouse were alone so nice to know that there are other mice out in the world :)
    I have made lovely friends through this challenge.
    The big question - is Nottingham ready to have this Mouse back?


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