Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Photo A Day - day 33

Well I am back and looking forwards to continuing with the challenge.

Move is almost complete, still have a few more things to collect and there a still boxes that need unpacking and decorating that needs doing.

Todays photo challenge was favourite shoes.

Well I love shoes but they don't like me. Or rather I have awkward feet - high arches that are now dropping which mean my big toes are starting to fuse so very high heels are out.

These are my fave pair but they don't really get worn as they pinch my toes, I have put them in the pile of things to donate to charity a number of times but I always end up rescuing them again. They make me smile:


  1. i can see why you love them, they are fab. I have never been able to wear shoes like those but wish i could have.

  2. Gorgeous colour! I can see why you love wearing them!


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