Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Photo A Day - Day 19

Looking down

Clinging on to summer

The temperature still has to drop a little bit more before I retire my fitflop for the year - I have been known to be sockless into October :)

(But I do have to admit to putting on socks in the evening as I suffer from mild raynauds syndrome).

And the bonus shot for the day because we were very excited about new toys* (even though post office stung us £17 some for VAT (which we were expecting) but most of it was for a handling fee - handling fee WTF we paid postage and packaging so why does a package from American attract a handling fee? - oh well rant over):

*Limited edition collectables - which we will devalue and take out of the box to play with :) 
Yes we're in our 30's but you're never to old for toys.....


  1. Ha! I'm a flip-flop girl too. It's either those or boots - there's no in-between.

  2. Still in flipflops too, I have been wearing boots for dog walking but thats at 6am, grass is a bit chilly then! I hate winter footwear, I'd happily be barefoot all year round.. if the weather permitted it :(

  3. I have problems with my feet and my fitflops are very very comfortable and dont aggravate my poorly toe joints - takes a while to get used to having my feet enclosed back into shoes. I love shoes (my hubby is always moaning that he is tripping over one pair or another) I just dont really like wearing them! I am very complicated woman lol

  4. I wear sandles it gives me a bit of lift, no covering up of feet yet either!

  5. Ooh yes, love a good sandal and dare I say I've even worn socks with them too - but don't tell everyone ;)

    Love the toys too :)

  6. i have awkward feet and weak ankles so prefer closed in shoes but i do like open slippers in the summer, good idea for look down

  7. lol i'm def not a shoe girl, I hate buying them, buy them purely for necessity.. teva sandals, walking boots & muck boots I quite like buying though.. I should be a man I think!

    PS new blog looks v pretty :)


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